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Interview With Cine Premiere (BD Special Ed)

Looking pale but awake, Rob apologizes, “I drank so much coffee this morning I might have vomited”. He’s sporting a new haircut, “It’s for my next movie. I had to cut it randomly. I thought about shaving it off, but I thought of only cutting one part, and I liked it so much in the end, that I kept it.” Always with a big smile on his face, and laughing through most of the interview, the superstar shares his thoughts on the finale of the saga that catapulted him to fame.

I remember we talked before the first movie came out and you said that fans didn't like you at all, and it was all very interesting and new to you because the adventure was just getting started. Now we're close to the end. What are your thoughts on this experience? Because you're more than accepted by fans now.
Yes it's always very interesting. I guess they accept me now, sort of.

It's much more than just sort of!
 I guess. What happens when you do these things is that you become the image of what people are reading in the books, and what they're in love with is what they see in their own imaginations. I remember when I did the Harry Potter movie, I read the book, and without even seeing the movies first, I already pictured Daniel, Emma and Rupert. So performances don't really matter, it's enough that the faces are appropriate enough, and that's how people get accepted by fans. It's almost like brainwashing. Looking back, I try not to think about it too much or make more of it than it is. I'm very lucky and I want a career out of this, so I have to be smart and make the right decisions.

Analyzing Edward, do you think he’s a week guy? Is he too passive at times, eventhough inside he feels this great passion and love? He’s very romantic too, how do you see him?
 I think he’s helpless. I’ve always thought – and if you pay close attention to the character you can see it too – that he’s a guy that has been so lonely for so long that he goes crazy, and that’s why he is the way that he is. That’s all I can think of, whenever I think about him in the first three movies, and how he finds himself more in each movie. It was interesting reading the fourth book, because I didn’t agree with most of his actions. I didn’t like the way he behaved. In the previous books you could understand the reasons behind his actions, and even sympathize with him, but I was not getting him at all in this movie “Why are you doing this?! You’re a whimp!” I really didn’t understand him, and it was fun trying to legitimize those weird actions, and it was an interesting way to close the saga for me. I guess he becomes more of a hero in Part 2 for the first time, though it’s Bella who saves him all the time, for once. But it’s interesting how he’s more impulsive and selfish in Part 1, which makes him go crazy. And in the first movie he’s always orchestrating everything.

Can you talk about what happens in Part 1 and Part 2?
 It’s a little unusual, because it’s almost as if this story is about getting married, and I’m playing the girl. I’m the woman obsessed with getting married, and the guy doesn’t want to and she wants everything to be perfect and everything ends up being crap, and she’s disappointed… I’m playing the disappointed bride! It’s so weird, it’s the same thing; in his mind he has a contingency plan for every situation, and he’s going to marry the love of his life and everything is all planned out. She will become a vampire after. But then they have a baby and everything is turned upside down, and he loses his mind. It’s weird playing that version of Edward. He’s so confused and crazy, because in previous movies he’s always collected and in control, he restricts himself, blah blah, and now he’s got nothing, and he goes crazy because he loses that control, he has sex and that shocks him so much to the point that he blames himself for everything, and it’s bigger than everything else that has happened in the saga.

What is your favorite memory of all of this?
Some parts of all the craziness. I remember I was promoting a movie; which movie? Some movie! And we were in Munich inside an Olympic stadium and there were like 30,000 people screaming at the Q and A panel. And here's 30,000 people for just one panel and it was the most ridiculous thing in the world because all we did was wave and they would go cazy. You would turn around, wave and that was it, see ya later! The emotion you feel the first time you experience something like that is hard to accept.

Do people come up to you on the street? Do they do it for you, or for Edward?
I don't know, it helps me think that it's all about Edward, but on the other hand it makes me sad. It depends on how I'm feeling that day. I've had the experience of being in front of a huge crowd and feel dissociated even from my own name. Everybody screams Robert! and by the time I'm in my car waving goodbye, I no longer feel like I'm the same Robert people are screaming for. It's funny seeing a bunch of people, knowing they're not really looking at you. They are seeing whatever they think you are. But it's an interesting experience.

You were more tired back then. How does it compare to making movies where you’re friends with everybody, to making a new movie where you don’t know anyone? Is it refreshing?
Yes, sometimes nerves are the best part of doing a new movie, and the more comfortable and familiar you are with everything on a movie set, the easier it is to let go of those nerves, and that’s something that has worried me about working in Twilight. But I’m always doing a scene with Kristen and she will never take a scene lightly, een just for herself, for her own ego, she wil, always try to do the best job pssible, and that keeps me alert. Als, what happens when you’re about to film a scene with people you’ve known for years, you start talking and you don’t mind. I just did Cosmopolis, and there’s so many great actors involved, and the environment is so different. I’ve never been so nervous than when I did the first take, the first rehearsal.

You had a couple of songs on the first movie, are you trying to avoid that now? Less collaborations and something more autonomous?
Yes, I think that's why there's nothing by me on this soundtrack. It's easy to be labeled a certain way, and at this time I don't know what to do with my music.

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