Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blog Going On Indefinite Hiatus

Hi Everyone...

I have decided to put the blog on indefinite hiatus. Real life has been as bit stressful and it's been a challenge to keep on top of the news posting. As much as I've loved sharing the latest on Rob's career, there are few visitors to the blog, and the bigger, established sites have far more to offer. I will still be following Rob's projects and sharing news from fellow sites via Twitter.

Many thanks to those who have visited the blog and a special thank you to Jules for her beautiful banner designs. *hugs* Make sure to check out her blog, Creations by Jules, for fabulous Rob artwork. If the status of the blog changes, I will post an update. Be sure to follow the latest on Rob via my list of affiliates on the side panel.



  1. Love you Suze...Thank you for sharing the Rob love

  2. *big huge hugs* You know I'm here for you too babe. Take care of yourself, that's the important thing. We'll be here if you decide to come back (I hope you do!). No worries. Thanks for EVERYTHING!! xoxoxox