Saturday, October 1, 2011

Glamour Magazine (UK) : Rob Voted #1 'World's Sexiest Man'

Not that we didn't know already know this, but Rob was voted #1 World's Sexiest Man by Glamour Magazine (U.K.) readers.

GlamourUK- Robert Pattinson, number 1.
"So for the second time on the spot, R-Pattz is crowned your sexiest man on the planet. He's wrestled the top spot from his co-star and - votes combined - proves the love among the Twihards is still strong. And that's only set to intensify when Breaking Dawn hits cinema screens next month. Yes. you'll once again get to ogle Edward in all his brooding, marble-skinned glory! Oh and we finally get to see the big sex scene- Team Edward, prepare to lose your shiz!"

"Others 37 - Chris Hemsworth, 34 - Jamie Campbell Bower, 26 - Andrew Garfield, 23 - Kellan Lutz 17, - Ryan Reynolds, 8 - Garret Hedlund, 2 - Taylor."

via pattinsonlife

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