Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Unbound Captives To Film in 2012? Let's Hope

Actress Madeline Stowe spoke with Jeanne Jakle of recently and 'Unbound Captives' was briefly mentioned...

“While at the ranch, Stowe came up with the idea to write “a large romantic Western” that was inspired, she said, by stories of the Hill Country in the late 1800s. “I heard about children who were abducted by Comanche Indians and became so acculturated that they had a hard time returning.

Our ranch had a real history,” she added. “When I lived there, I felt a certain way about Texas that I hadn’t seen filmed yet.

She’ll start directing The Unbound Captives next year, she said, and already has rounded up the main cast: Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz and Robert Pattinson.”

Keeping fingers crossed that this comes to fruition and we get to see Rob and Hugh Jackman onscreen together.

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  1. Definitely keeping fingers and toes crossed for this - thanks for the news!! :)