Monday, July 18, 2011

Article: "Where is Robert Pattinson's 'Bel Ami'? "

IMDB Pro lists its release date as August 25th. Yes, that’s August 25th of 2011 (just 39 days from today). But, if it’s set to open so soon, where are the promos? Where’s the press? Where’s the fanfare around “Bel Ami”?

We asked an identical question earlier this year, after some fishiness following the distribution company’s statement about the film’s release. Since our February article, there have been more new questions than answers. Per IMDB, the August 25th release date is attributed to Greece. Three September release dates are subsequently listed for Denmark, Norway, and France. Yet, the distribution company’s earlier announcement about an August 2011 U.K. release date is nowhere to be found, and it seems nobody knows when this film will release in the U.S.

It gets weirder: a June 8th “Breaking Dawn” featurette in The Hollywood Reporter peripherally mentioned an October 19th release date for “Bel Ami”. Yet, this is the only mention any reputable venue has made, and when a skeptical fan left a comment asking for additional confirmation, The Hollywood Reporter did not reply.

There are other clues that “Bel Ami” may not be forthcoming—at least not this summer or fall. IMDB lists the film as “in production,” yet films in the editorial phase are typically listed as being in “post-production”. And there doesn’t appear to be any new press activity even in the markets where IMDB says the film is set to open in just over a month.

So, where is “Bel Ami”? And, if it will be released any time soon, why would its distributors miss opportunities to promote it? Given its star-studded cast (Uma Thurman, Kristen Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci support Pattinson in the film) and an ongoing information vacuum, the film’s absence won’t go unnoticed by the mainstream for long.

Update to this article: Bel Ami's U.S. release date has been removed from Rob's IMDB page. :(


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  1. Ugh!! This is seriously horrible. Where the heck is it?? *stomps foot* So unfair they are making as wait and wait for this. It's such torture. o.O

    Thanks for the update babe. *mwah*